my projects.

University at Buffalo Network Defense (UBND) Club

Here are some of my reports and coursework covered in UBND's Systems Security class. Topics include basic networking, network topology, virtualization, system administration and system security across Windows and Linux servers and clients.

  • pfSense - Installing and configuring pfSense, assigning interfaces within the VM, configuring the WAN and LAN, and testing for functionality
  • Windows - Installing and configuring Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 clients, Active Directory and DNS roles assigned to Windows Server, AD management includes adding & removing users and groups, password resets, enforcing password policies, handling of user permissions and group policies
  • Linux - Installation and configuration of Linux distributions in both command line and desktop environments, comfortable and familiar with Linux navigation and commands, adding & removing users and groups, password resets, and user permissions
  • LAMP - Basic use and familiarity of the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP) to setup and manage a WordPress site

Front End Web Development

Here are a few of my front end projects demonstrating best practices with HTML5, CSS3, and some elements of JavaScript and jQuery.